Our commitments: Decarbonisation

Prosegur Cash renews its Compensation Plan to continue its commitment to carbon neutrality before 2040, that is, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement. In this regard, we have joined The Climate Pledge, a project launched by Amazon in partnership with Global Optimism in the fight against climate change.

Emissions offsetting

We have initiated a CO2 offsetting project. It is a pioneering programme in the sector in terms of scale and objectives. The plan starts with the offsetting of the equivalent CO2 emissions generated by the company's operations in Europe and will be gradually extended to the rest of the world in the coming years.

Punta Palmeras Wind Farm

In 2022, Prosegur renews its emissions compensation plan through a wind project in Chile. The wind facility has the capacity to produce clean energy for some 60,000 Chilean homes. The production of this park avoids the emission of 119,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in coal-fired power plants and the importation of some 215,000 barrels of oil to generate the same energy.

CTR Santa Rosa Landfill

In 2021, the first emissions offsetting initiative was developed through a waste management project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of our main geographies. The programme aims to reduce emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more harmful than CO2, from treated municipal waste. The project is endorsed and verified by one of the most recognised international standards and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.