Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prosegur Cash collects and stores cash at its base to be counted and then certified at our client’s bank.

The goods are stored securely at Prosegur Cash bases, airline or carrier’s security vaults, or at the destination correspondent’s facilities.

In order to export any load, it must be enclose in rigid packaging (cardboard box). In the event that a client does not have cash security bags, we will send them to the client so that they can deliver them to us closed and sealed. 

This depends on the service being offered, collection times, flights, frequency and agreements with the destination agent. Before the service begins, Prosegur will confirm delivery times with the client.

Prosegur or our top level partners who specialise in transporting valuable goods in the destination country. 

The rate offered is adjusted based on the client’s requests. Anything not included in the price will be specified.

This is full, comprehensive insurance. Deficiencies in packaging are not covered under any circumstances. Our liability finishes when we deliver the package collected directly from the source with a specific security seal number.

There are different ways to find out the balance of your device:

  • Using the My Prosegur online portal.
  • After each action carried out on the device, a ticket is printed.
  • Extracting a balance report from the device.

The device requires connections, space for an opening and easement access to be correctly installed.  Certain aspects must be taken into account, such as any stairs, steps etc. that may make it more expensive to install and these will be specified on a case-by-case basis.

There are security recommendations for where to position the device: It should not be in clear view of the public, ideally in an enclosed space with restricted access.

Installation requires the machine to be anchored and configured.

It is important to establish with the client where the device will be positioned and check that the installation can be performed. 

It is essential to check that all the installation requirements are met (easement access, mains electricity sockets, connections).

The Prosegur Cash post-sales service provides our clients with a unique point of contact to manage any issues. The time period for resolving issues depends on each individual case. 

The device requires an authorised username and password to be operated, meaning you will be aware of all operations carried out on it.  It also provides you with different levels of authorisations to be able to create reports.

You can also control all of the machine’s actions online, regardless of the type of solution, and export the information into worksheets.

If using the value date service, the cash will be available from the first working day after being deposited.

If not using the value date service, the cash will be available from the first working day after being collected.

If you need additional stop-offs, Prosegur will carry out the collection and this will be paid for based on the stop-off tariff. 

The contract with Prosegur can be extended with the same package of services, or adapting it to meet any new requirements your business might have. 

It is only possible to connect to My Prosegur and the rest of Prosegur’s systems are only available while the contract is in effect. 

When the contract comes to an end, all Prosegur systems will be automatically disconnected, the router will be removed and the device will be uninstalled.

The device detects counterfeit notes or those in a bad condition and rejects them.

The customer will not, under any circumstances, have direct access to the cash deposited into the Smart Cash machine, but if the machine includes a recovery option, the customer will be able to request for the cash to be paid back out.