Our commitment: Green Fleet

Prosegur Cash has been advancing sustainability in its fleet, both heavy and light, for years. Currently, we promote, among other things, the incorporation of new vehicles that allow for the greatest possible reduction in both fuel consumption and direct CO2 emissions. Likewise, we are working on designing lighter armored vehicles, and consequently, more fuel-efficient, as well as studying alternative fuel engines such as hydrogen and other renewable sources.

Armored Vehicles

We have the first 12 ECO hybrid armored vehicles in Spain, operating in Madrid and Barcelona, resulting in a nearly 25% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 23% fuel consumption savings, and a 10% reduction in maintenance costs. Similarly, in 2020, the company introduced the world's first 100% electric armored vehicle, deployed in Germany. We are also actively working on hybridizing armored vehicles with more environmentally friendly LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) engines, which are less polluting than diesel or gasoline engines.

Light Vehicles

The number of vehicles falling under the ECO environmental category with 100% electric or alternative low-emission fuel engines, such as ethanol, LPG, hybrids, or CNG.

Telematics and Shared Fleet

We are globally implementing telematic solutions that analyze the usage of each vehicle to optimize routes and reduce fleets, with over 3,000 telematized units.

Shared Fleet

Internal carsharing with electric vehicles has been established for Prosegur employees at the company's headquarters in Spain. Through a reservation platform managed on their smartphone terminals, a broad user base can access and book vehicle usage during specific time slots.