Prosegur Cash: Integral cash solutions

Our services

We are specialists in designing and implementing solutions that cover all phases of the cash management process, securely and efficiently.

Cash securities logistics

Transporting valuables

We guarantee the best value transport service, using the best network of bases and armoured vehicles, and operating with the best processes and systems.

Management ATMs end to end

End to end ATM management

We offer a comprehensive solution for ATM management, which covers all functional operations from re-stocking cash to technical maintenance at all levels.

International Security

International transport

We collect and deliver valuable and vulnerable goods around the world. We have the following levels of accreditation: Customs Agent - AEO; AESA Accredited Agent and IATA Agent.

Cash management service

Cash management

We count up, balance and certify the cash income of our customers’ businesses.

Prosegur Smart Cash

Prosegur Smart Cash

We automate your cash management using a mechanism that optimises and protects your business: Save time and money.

Innovative solutions to cover all of your business cash management requirements.

What does Prosegur Cash offer?

Authorized Auxiliary Deposits

Authorised auxiliary deposits

Approved selection centers

Approved selection centres

Own cash management SW

Our own cash management software

EDI systems for file sharing

EDI system for file sharing

Online area for clients

Online customer portal

Machines approved by the European Central Bank

Machines approved by the European Central Bank


Prosegur Cash offers innovative solutions to cover all the needs of cash management in businesses in multiple sectors of activity.

Prosegur Cash around the World

We are present in 20 countries and our aim is to offer services with a high level of added value. To achieve this, we adapt global best practices to match the unique nature of each market, in a highly regulated sector for which legislation varies from country to country.