Share Capital

The share capital of Prosegur Cash, S.A. is 30,458,933.66  euros, represented by 1,522,946,683  shares with a face value of 0.02 euros each, represented by means of registered book entries, with ISIN code ES0105229001, belonging to a single class and the same series. All the shares are fully subscribed and are listed on the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia Stock Exchanges. Each share gives its holder the right to one vote, without prejudice to the limitation of the right of attendance at the General Shareholders' Meeting for the registered holders of a minimum of 1,000 shares and there are no legal or statutory restrictions on the exercise of the right to vote. Furthermore, there are no legal restrictions on the acquisition or transfer of the shares.



Turnover in 2022

EBIT in 2022