Global Wellness Program

What is PRO360?

PRO360 is our Global Comprehensive Wellness Program and is deployed in the 31 countries where we have a presence in Prosegur. This program aims to promote the well-being and health of all our employees and encourage healthy habits within the Company.

The 4 pillars of the program

Physical wellness  

It aims to promote sports activities that can promote not only physical wellness but also global activities that create a union between our employees in different countries. An example of this would be the PRO360 Digital Race.

Nutritional wellness

In relation to this pillar, we have specialists in the field who propose monthly healthy tips related to the nutrition of our employees and are accompanied by quarterly webinars to resolve nutritional doubts.


In relation to the health pillar, we promote initiatives aimed at supporting the psychosocial health of our employees. Specialists, psychologists, deal with a variety of topics ranging from how to achieve quality sleep habits to healthy stress management, coaching, etc.

Likewise, monthly webinars are held on topics of interest to all employees.

Emotional-social well-being

This pillar focuses on social sustainability. Initiatives related to environmental care are carried out. Volunteering with the Prosegur Foundation and various campaigns related to diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Campaign carried out in 2022 for this international day with our colleagues in Spain, Chile, Brazil and Peru giving testimony of their day to day in Prosegur.

Global Human Rights Campaign 2022

Human Rights Campaign 2022, giving value to the different initiatives and activities launched on the occasion of this world day.

International Women's Day

Global video for International Women's Day with the participation of women from the 31 countries where Prosegur is located.