Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global launch complete crypto trading solution for uruguayan fintech customers

Madrid, November 20, 2023. Following the announcement of their alliance in June, Prosegur Crypto, Prosegur Cash's institutional digital asset custody service, and Minos Global have launched a digital asset trading and custody services for MiDinero, a leading fintech in the personal finance sector in Uruguay.

MiDinero customers with pesos or dollars can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies under the most rigorous standards of security and transparency. The new solution integrates directly into MiDinero's mobile application, allowing users to manage their cryptoassets easily.

MiDinero’s more than 500,000 cardholders can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other stablecoins easily and under the highest security standards.

The service has been supervised by the regulator this month, while MiDinero, supervised by the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), has carried out detailed and exhaustive testing of the new cryptocurrency service.

Welcoming the initiative, José Ángel Fernandez, Executive Chairman of Prosegur Crypto and Corporate Director of Innovation at Prosegur Cash, said: "It is an honor to collaborate with MiDinero, marking a milestone in our partnership with Minos Global. Our vision is to offer cutting-edge and reliable solutions in the field of digital assets. This initiative not only strengthens our presence in Uruguay, but also lays the foundations to expand to other jurisdictions, integrating with local financial solutions, following regulation."

Mercedes Steneri, General Manager of MiDinero, added: "This collaboration with Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global reflects our ongoing commitment to innovate and offer our clients the best financial solutions. By integrating the buying, selling and custody of cryptoassets, we are taking a step forward in our mission to democratize personal finance in Uruguay and the region."

Founded in 2018, MiDinero has consolidated its position as one of the most influential fintechs in Uruguay, with more than 250,000 users and over 500,000 active cards. Its mission is to democratize personal finance and offer innovative solutions to its customers. This collaboration with Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global marks a significant breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrencies and personal finance in Uruguay and Latin America.

Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global revolutionize the cryptocurrency market

Prosegur Crypto’s cryptoasset custody solution is based on a unique patented cold storage technology that guarantees the highest levels of security. Minos Global complements cold storage with its crypto-asset management, trading and payment services in an as-a-service model.

The combination of these two services creates a unique product, facilitating the access of financial institutions to the tokenized digital assets industry. Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global’s platform is an innovative Business-as-a-service model, allowing institutions to provide crypto services to their clients without the need for major investment or specific capabilities in digital assets.

In addition, institutional clients can benefit from the opportunities provided by the crypto ecosystem, enjoying the peace of mind that comes from the backing of two leading companies in their respective fields that meet all regulatory requirements.