Prosegur Cash increases sales of in-store Cash automation solution by 50%

Madrid, March 19, 2024. Prosegur Cash has recorded significant growth throughout Spain in uptake of Cash Today, its cash management and automation solution for retail outlets, with an increase of 50% in 2023 on the previous year. Some 40% of Cash Today's total sales have been among SMEs.

This positive evolution reflects widespread digitalization among Spanish retail outlets: a recent study by Prosegur Cash shows that 72% of establishments want greater innovation to improve management of cash payments. Specifically, the importance of technology to improve cash accounting is highlighted  by 70.8% of those surveyed.

Cash Today is a pioneering solution, designed to safeguard businesses’ cash collection securely, making it possible to monitor movements in real time. The service includes cash collection and certification to the customer's bank.

"For businesses, safe and efficient cash management is crucial, both for working capital management and to avoid inconveniences in cash reconciliation and payment validation and counting. The use of technology and innovation has led to the creation of tools such as Cash Today, which uses cutting-edge technology and robust platforms to monitor hardware, software and transactions, enabling digital transformation in cash management processes," explains Policarpo Ledesma, Prosegur Cash's General Commercial director for Spain and Portugal.

Efficiency, safety and control

Cash Today reduces operating costs by eliminating manual counting and avoids cash imbalances, as well as reducing unknown losses. A highly efficient service, it allows customers to visualize in real time all movements made through the system. In addition, Prosegur Cash’s deposit and collection service reduces the risk of theft during the transfer of money by road.

Prosegur Cash's capacity for innovation will improve control over operations. Furthermore, it streamlines processes by providing automated counting, validation and balancing of cash. In addition to reducing risk, Cash Today saves teams time, allowing businesses to focus on higher-value tasks.