Prosegur Cash and Minos Global team up to offer a comprehensive crypto-asset management and custody solution

Madrid, May 23, 2023 - Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global have announced a global agreement to launch an integrated cryptoasset trading and custody platform for institutional clients. This initiative comes at a crucial time for the sector, with cryptoasset regulation evolving rapidly in Europe. The approval on April 20 of the European Union's Markets in Cryptoassets regulations (MiCA) creates a framework for cryptoasset legislation, setting out clear standards for investor protection.

Prosegur Crypto and Minos Global’s agreement aims to offer a comprehensive platform for financial institutions that want to incorporate cryptoassets into their products, allowing their users to invest with confidence and security. This initiative will drive the growth and adoption of cryptoasset technology in the financial sector and enable banks and other financial institutions to offer their customers a complete and personalized experience, meeting all MiCa regulatory requirements.

As part of this collaboration, Prosegur Crypto’s parent company, Prosegur Cash, has made a strategic investment in Minos Global to further underpin collaboration. This investment not only reflects Prosegur Crypto's confidence in Minos Global's business model, but also provides an opportunity to work more closely on developing next-generation cryptoasset trading and custody solutions.

The platform is now fully operational and offers complete and scalable cryptoasset trading and custody solutions that meet the needs of institutional investors worldwide. In addition, it offers direct white label services and has a pipeline of integrations in collaboration with financial partners. This allows customers to experiment with cryptoassets in a practical and secure way, as well as to deploy their full potential in the financial system.

In addition, the platform integrates a crypto-asset payment service aimed at merchants and gateways to enable them to accept crypto-asset payments and expand their payment options and reach new customers.

Underlining the importance of the agreement, José Ángel Fernández, Executive Chairman of Prosegur Crypto and Corporate Director of Innovation at Prosegur Cash, explains: "We will be a key player in the promotion and growth of the use of cryptoassets in the financial sector. Prosegur Crypto will provide its expertise in custody and security, as well as the best cold storage technology and advanced security to ensure that digital assets are protected at all times."

Alfonso Ayuso, CEO of Minos Global adds: "The company will bring its expertise in cryptocurrency trading, as well as its advanced trading platform, which allows clients to buy and sell cryptoassets efficiently. In addition, Minos Global's ability to provide hot custody gives clients the ability to transact faster and smoother on the platform, keeping their cryptoassets available at all times."