Sustainable Development Goals

Committed to the future

In 2015, 193 countries signed the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda places companies as key agents for the first time and situates their contributions to sustainable development at the same level as those made by states and civil society. At Prosegur Cash, we integrate it into our strategy and support the transformation process towards a sustainable global society. We contribute directly to the vast majority of the Goals by focusing our company vision on ten specifics related to our business model.

Prosegur Cash and the SDGs

At Prosegur Cash, Occupational Health and Safety are a priority for all organizational levels. We follow the firm objective of reducing serious work accidents and accident rates to zero fatal accidents, implementing specific objectives, actions and indicators for this. Our Occupational Health and Safety Committees regularly and periodically review actions in the prevention of occupational hazards. In addition, we have a new Global Communication Protocol for serious and fatal accidents that is applied in all businesses and countries. On a quarterly basis, Prosegur Cash holds a Global Health and Safety Committee led by the CEO where initiations are reviewed and action plans are adopted. 

As a new additional measure in the area of Occupational Health and Safety, the Groups of Experts on Health and Safety have been created for the year 2021, bringing together health and safety managers and technicians from the different countries where Prosegur Cash is present, in order to identify needs, trends in the exercise of the function and best practices.

Additionally, and as a consequence of the exceptional situation generated by Covid-19, we have promoted various initiatives with the aim of protecting the health and safety of our employees. Among others, the prioritization of teleworking, the adaptation of the headquarters and delegations to guarantee security and the reinforcement of communication with all professionals stand out.

In 2020, more than 151 thousand hours of training in Occupational Health and Safety have been given to train and educate our employees.

Prosegur Cash, as a benchmark in the Security sector and due to the importance of its role, considers the qualification and degree of specialization of its professionals as one of its main differentiating factors. This translates into its firm commitment to the talent and professional development of its employees and is materialized in the commitment to offer varied, multiplatform and quality training, which provides employees with greater employability and allows them adequate preparation to perform their functions, promote and achieve their professional development. Thus, total imparted training in 2020 amounted to almost 400 thousand hours, which represents an average of 8.6 hours of training per employee.

Prosegur Cash offers, through its global online platform Prosegur Corporate University, a virtual space in which professionals share knowledge, live the company's values, develop their talent and specialize through a common culture. The balance at the end of 2020 has meant a total of 24,000 courses taken and approximately 3,500 employees belonging to this group have undergone training throughout this plan, culminating with more than 136,000 hours of training given by the University of Prosegur. In addition, for the year 2021, the Prosegur Corporate University will offer compulsory training in Sustainability given the level of commitment that the company has in this regard.

Prosegur Cash is firmly committed to achieving gender equality and empowering all women, since for Prosegur Cash talent resides in each person, regardless of their gender, race, religious belief, political opinion or any other cause.

The characteristics of the sector in which Prosegur Cash operates are decisive for understanding diversity data. Taking this into account, it should be noted that the percentage of women continues to grow thanks to the efforts made in recent years and the proportion has already reached 26.9% of the total number of workers.

Prosegur Cash has identified equality as one of its main lines of action. For this reason, the #EmpoweredWomen program has been implemented, which highlights the individualized work plan that will be carried out with 100% of women with corporate responsibility. In addition, the company will launch the #EmpoweredWomen scholarships, aimed at preparing Prosegur Cash women to lead the company's transformation projects.

Prosegur Cash tries to guarantee access to affordable, safe, sustainable, modern and non-polluting energy. In this sense, the company is working to replicate the example of Spain, where it guarantees that in Spain 100% of electricity comes from renewable sources, extending to the rest of the countries during its next Strategic Plan. Since 2015 at Prosegur we have been developing a plan to replace the luminaire with LED technology globally.

Prosegur Cash develops a control system for the efficient management of electrical and air conditioning installations, as well as the renovation and improvement of current installations. It is worth highlighting the pilot project carried out in Brazil for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in 15 Prosegur Cash delegations, covering 70% of its annual energy demand with self-generated solar energy, estimating a 95% coverage for these delegations by 2021.

Prosegur cash provides quality employment in all the local communities where it operates, promoting economic growth. Trust and responsibility are qualities that should characterize the people who carry out their services at the client's facilities, in an activity as relevant as security, which makes it necessary to guarantee not only the effectiveness of Prosegur Cash professionals, but also their honesty, responsibility and psychological maturity. For this reason, curricular robotization processes have been launched in Argentina and Colombia to improve the candidate and employee experience, as well as the implementation of gamified test solutions for Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

The will to dialogue with the unions is constant and essential. The company holds regular meetings with all the legitimate representatives of the workers in the geographies where it is present, listening to them, sharing information and seeking common goals. In fact, it has a membership of 21% of the workforce and the collective agreements signed cover more than 80% of all employees.

During 2020, Prosegur Cash reached a milestone in the heavy industrial fleet, with the commissioning of twelve ECO hybrid armored vehicles in Spain and a 100% electric armored vehicle with zero emissions in Germany.

Special mention to the successful completion of the innovative project to create the first compostable cash transport bag made from 100% biodegradable materials.

Innovation has become a cornerstone of the Company's future business, investing up to € 5.4 million in R&D. 

Prosegur Cash has promoted and improved the services offered through its CASH TODAY platform with an important commitment to the instant deposit in the customer's account of the cash deposited in the machines. Product attributes will continue to increase throughout 2021, especially in the realm of communication channels and front-office solutions.

Additionally, Prosegur Cash has launched Prosegur Crypto, the first digital asset custody model that combines Prosegur's infrastructures and physical security protocols with the latest cryptographic and cybersecurity technologies. A solution aimed at the institutional market for the storage of cryptocurrencies or any other digital asset that, in addition, allows its administration through a mobile application in a completely secure way.
Thanks to the different initiatives that Prosegur has launched as part of an ambitious Digital Transformation Plan, the company has managed to stop technology from being an instrument and to become an intrinsic part of its activity.

Prosegur Cash demonstrates its firm commitment to the fight against climate change by recording and controlling its consumption and, therefore, its carbon dioxide emissions.

Since 2019, we have been using the shared fleet model in Spain through which a large group of users, through a reservation platform managed on their smartphone terminals, access to reserve the use of a fleet of ecological vehicles by time slots (Electric / LPG / CNG).

On the other hand, Prosegur Cash is implementing a new multifunction printer model that, together with the progressive introduction of teleworking, will contribute significantly to reducing paper consumption (40%). It is also carrying out a plan to transform traditional operating material into more sustainable and ecological solutions and more than 32,000 garments have been recycled with the consequent positive impact on both solidarity and the environment.

The new global travel management model operating in Spain and Portugal, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, allowed a centralized management, 100% digital, with an end-to-end tool that allows integrated control and monitoring of the carbon footprint.

Prosegur Cash, in order to improve awareness and human and institutional capacity regarding the mitigation of climate change, adaptation to it, the reduction of its effects and early warning, promotes the targeting of its Strategic Plan towards the mitigation of the climatological impact.

Prosegur Cash demonstrates its firm commitment to the fight against climate change by recording and controlling its consumption and, therefore, its carbon dioxide emissions. Its purpose is to reduce and offset CO2 before 2040, as has been stated by joining The Climate Pledge initiative.

Additionally, in Prosegur Cash it should be noted that 401 armored units have been deactivated as part of a plan for the permanent renewal of the heavy fleet, identifying those vehicles that present higher fuel consumption, due to their age or state of conservation, with the aim of to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint and streamline fleet costs

Our activity contributes an undeniable value in the achievement of spaces that guarantee the free development of the societies in which we operate. That is why our purpose is to make the world a safer place.

All company employees, regardless of their position, have a commitment to ethical action and strict regulatory compliance in the development of their activities. This commitment is structured through common principles and standards that affect its relationships with the company's stakeholders.

We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct that guides the standards of behavior and good work of all Prosegur Cash professionals, especially in matters such as compliance with the law, respect for human rights and equality, and respect among employees. Our Corporate Compliance Program establishes control measures designed to mitigate or eliminate the risks of regulatory non-compliance in daily operations.

Prosegur, parent company of Prosgeur Cash, was included in the ranking of the 100 most responsible companies with the best corporate governance in Spain in 2020, prepared by MERCO. Prosegur, occupies the 85th position, improving 13 positions compared to the 2019 edition and once again being the only company in the security sector in the top 100.

In 2020 new supervisory functions have been granted to the Board of Directors and the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, which has been renamed the Appointment and Remuneration, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee. The fact of integrating Sustainability in this committee highlights the importance that this matter has for the company and the intention of placing Prosgeur Cash at the benchmark in Sustainability in our sector.

We support the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative that promotes the implementation of Ten Principles on human, labor, and environmental rights and the fight against corruption.

Likewise, Prosegur Cash, through its Foundation, promotes the creation of efficient alliances with Third Sector entities to take advantage of synergies that have a better social impact. The Prosegur Foundation is a non-profit organization that channels the social and cultural action of the company, with the aim of helping to build a more caring society, generating development opportunities for people. A commitment to the communities in our environment, which is materialized through projects in three priority fields of action: education, labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and corporate volunteering.

In February 2021, Prosegur and Prosegur Cash joined The Climate Pledge with the goal of becoming net zero carbon by 2040, a decade before the goal of the Paris Agreement 2050. It is a project launched by Amazon in association with Global Optimism in the fight against climate change