Environmental Criteria


We identify the main environmental risks currently in play and we develop concrete plans of action to mitigate the effects that our company has on its surroundings.


Low impact

The activities that we carry out do not have a significant impact on the environment or present a risk for climate change or biodiversity.


Inherent aspects

The main aspect relates to the consumption of fuel and the associated emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as the consumption of electricity, paper and plastic.

Our commitments

  • Target for reducing direct CO2 emissions of the armoured vehicle fleet by 1.5% by 2020 in all countries.
  • Development of a dashboard with several indicators, including an evaluation of fuel consumption by the armoured vehicle fleet.
  • Signed a new contract with an electrical energy supplier in Spain, guaranteeing that 100% of its electricity will come from renewable sources.

  • Innovation in the armoured vehicle fleet through the acquisition of twelve hybrid armoured vehicle units (diesel and electric) by 2020.
  • Incorporation of the first fully electric semi-armoured vehicle, expected to begin operations in 2020.

  • The use of approved suppliers who guarantee their process for recycling pneumatics or managing the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

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