27 DEC 2018

Prosegur Cash buys Dopar, Iberprofin and Enclama from Ibercaja

With this transaction, Prosegur Cash, through its Prosegur AVOS business unit, embarks on a strategic partnership with Ibercaja for providing services.


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Zaragoza, 27 December 2018.- Prosegur Cash has completed the acquisition of three companies, Dopar, Iberprofin and Enclama, from Ibercaja. This transaction strengthens Prosegur Cash's added value outsourced services division (Prosegur AVOS), set up in 2015. After integrating these companies, Prosegur AVOS will have a staff of more than 1,500 professionals at its offices in Madrid, La Coruña, Vigo, Palma de Mallorca and, now, Zaragoza, where a new centre will be created. The three companies were owned by Ibercaja and will continue to provide their respective services to the bank. 

Prosegur AVOS and Ibercaja are embarking on a long-term alliance under which Prosegur AVOS will provide Ibercaja its range of services, which includes end-to-end digital processes applying the most advanced technologies available in the market. These solutions are touted for their traceability, transparency, control and immediacy throughout the process.

Project for the future

With this long-term partnership, Prosegur AVOS has a commitment to Ibercaja and the region of Aragón, creating a centre of excellence in Zaragoza that will provide a major boost to local and regional employment. By teaming up with a large group, it can leverage major capabilities to enhance the services provided from the new centre, while giving the new companies acquired access to its IT platform to round off their service offering. In tandem with Ibercaja, Prosegur AVOS intends to make technological upgrades to and redesign processes so they are in line with the latest industry trends, thereby helping to streamline operations.

This will allow Prosegur AVOS to continue with its strategy of becoming the market leader for added value outsourced services, expanding its catalogue with new services and products and extending the growth experienced by this division from the outset. Thanks to its development, Prosegur AVOS has become a benchmark for its highly specialised services, its teams of professionals, its agile and efficient organisation, and its customer centricity




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