Strategy Framework

The continuous evolution of the environment in which Prosegur Cash operates has played a key role in the company's transformation in recent years. In this regard, Prosegur Cash has set three major goals:

  • Respond to customers' new needs, in keeping with market trends.
  • Becoming the strategy partner they trust.
  • Providing greater value, via efficient procedures and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions.


For some time now, there is a visible and accelerated development of different technologies with a thorough impact on economic sectors, business models and the way people work. Some of these technologies, for instance the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and the proliferation of smart devices, make it possible to perform new tasks more efficiently and much faster.

This new paradigm has also reached Prosegur Cash, where customers, employees and other stakeholders require the application of these new developments in their relations with the company.