Piecitos colorados


46 affiliated schools and 5,540 Piecitos Colorados [Little Red Feet] students


503 students and 30 teachers from six countries received training in entrepreneur programs



1,366 Fundación Prosegur Talent Grants given in 9 countries


1,880 students took part in the Planeta Limpio [Clean Planet] environmental sensitization workshops


179 students in Chile, Spain and Portugal attended summer training courses



266 Solidarity Days in eight countries


2,871 employees committed to doing volunteer work


Reflection on the new profile of beneficiaries, identifying their needs, in order to transform the programs with more innovative approaches.


Implementation of tools to enable a more reliable data management, analysing them for decision-making purposes.


Analysis of workflows to enhance internal processes in terms of efficiency (homogenization and scalability).


Analysis of workflows to enhance internal processes in terms of efficiency (homogenization and scalability).


Implementation of tools to enable a more reliable data management, analysing them for decision-making purposes.


Adapting communication to the digital environment (combining media, online channels and new formats) to be more agile, to better interact with users and to obtain feedback from the various stakeholders.

Piecitos reaches the South Summit

As a culmination of the "Wake up, Create and Transform the Environment" project, four students from the Alfred Nobel rural school in Uruguay travelled to Spain to participate in the South Summit event: the most prominent innovation and entrepreneurial platform in southern Europe, connecting start-ups with investors. Registered in the Kids division, the Piecitos made an elevator pitch before the jury to present their Bajavolumen [Lower the volume] project, which seeks to reduce noise pollution in cities by way of a collaborative app.


Volunteering for inclusion

Sessions in which employees and their relatives team up with disabled individuals are meant to sensitize people on issues involving diversity, seeking the social integration of the disabled. The traditional sports activities were supplemented in 2018 with new topics and different territories both in Spain and in Latin America. There were original inclusive activities such as geocaching challenges in Zaragoza and Barcelona; the Observation Race in Bogotá focusing on culture, and culinary contests carried out in Bilbao, Valladolid, Buenos Aires, and Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

Solidarity ambassadors

As a reflection of the close involvement of staff in Latin America with the schools affiliated to Piecitos Colorados, a team of Solidarity Ambassadors was established in Argentina: this initiative was spruced up by the Security division, where a total 90 employees took part as volunteers. These professionals, after carrying out solidary activities at a school, take on the responsibility of disseminating the work done by the Foundation at their respective delegations.

Volunteering in knowledge transfer

Thanks to the capacities of the professionals from Prosegur Cash, training sessions were arranged to take know-how in the field of security to those who need it the most. Workshops were set up for accident prevention and safe working environments in Brazil; activities on Hygiene and Road Safety in Colombia; and the Prosegur Week in Peru. These are meant to show the work done in the company's different business areas at Piecitos Colorados schools. Also, in Argentina and Spain there was an increase of actions for vocational training and motivating young students from vulnerable surroundings, led by professionals of varying profiles. The goal is to share personal and job experiences to help them in their future development.


Inclusive Camino de Santiago

In alliance with Fundación Deporte y Desafío [Sports and Challenge Foundation], in 2018 Fundación Prosegur organized the first inclusive Camino de Santiago, in which employees from various delegations in Spain accompanied disabled people along 100 km stretches of the road. This is a pilgrimage divided into five stages marked by companionship and the will to succeed, where teamwork is essential for reaching a key goal: fostering a more inclusive society for people with different capacities. For the volunteers it was a unique experience in which they learned a "lesson of strength, life and overcoming."